Great-grandpa Fred got things brewing in Healdsburg.

The Brandt family has been in business in Healdsburg since the 1880s. Frederick Otto Brandt started it all when he opened a brewery and bottling business. His three young sons worked alongside him to build a successful company. Prohibition put an end to the beer, but the resourceful Brandt brothers switched to soda water and ice, and then our grandfather, Frederick John, began a prune-drying business.

Hard work and hard times.

Our father, Milt Brandt, was only five when he started working with Grandpa Fred, who, like his father, believed in seven-day workweeks. In the 1940s, Milt went off to war. When he returned to Healdsburg, he took up ranching, working with the same dedication he’d learned from his dad. But life struck a hard blow when Milt contracted polio at age 30. He spent three months in an iron lung and lost the use of his legs. The community rallied to help his young wife and four kids while Milt struggled to recover over the next year.

The father of reinvention and resourcefulness.

Unable to continue ranching, Milt found his niche in the insurance business. He’d faced hard times and knew first-hand the necessity of excellent coverage. And he passed down that tough Brandt family work ethic. He enlisted the help of us, his sons Joe and Jack, and we bought the business from him in 1982.

We go way back and always go the extra mile.

Today, Amy and Todd (Jack’s children) along with Justin (Joe’s son) help run Brandt Insurance with a cohesive, highly trained team that has very little turnover. We’ve combined our old-fashioned commitment to personal service with the latest innovations in the industry – making everything easy for our clients. We’re licensed in most states and have access to every major business, specialty and personal insurance program, so our pricing is competitive with much bigger agencies. Brandt is your small town insurance agency with an outstanding national reputation.

That about covers it. Now let’s talk about how we can help cover you.