Our Affiliation with PIIB


PIIB members are expected to be in strong financial condition, profitable with their markets and a source of growth in the future. The ability and willingness to work collaboratively with other agencies is required of a successful member.

Networking with other agents with similar goals and objectives. Members utilize e-mail to communicate regularly. Frequently assistance is available in locating the right market for a particular type of business. Ideas are shared on methods to improve production, efficiency and profit.

Direct appointments with an outstanding group of insurance companies. You have direct access to your underwriters and in most cases your own agency code established with the companies. Your mail and your accounting stays between you and the company.

Business Planning and Marketing Plan assistance is available through consulting with President, Larry Manning. Larry’s 28 years with The Hartford has exposed him to hundreds of agency operations and years of business planning training and experience that he can share with member agencies on request.


“Bartley & Bartley has worked with PIIB for less than one year and has experienced favorable results. We have placed business for our clients through the PIIB Markets that our current Insurance Companies would not write. The PIIB members are extremely helpful and fast in identifying markets for me to make the process of placing business more efficient. We are extremely happy to have joined the professional and well organized Association.”
—John Bartley, member

“My small agency joined PIIB, and, overnight, it was able to compete with the largest brokerages on a level playing field. And, best of all, I don’t have to talk to company marketing representatives all the time.”
—David Haynes, Secretary Treasurer

“I’ve been a direct writer, producer for multi million dollar agency, on my own, and with another cluster. Four years ago I found PIIB and it has been the best experience yet! PIIB gives me all the freedom that I want from being an independent agent plus the added strength, markets, and profit sharing of being part of a $50,000,000 agency. I’m a happy camper!”
—Charles Katz, Vice President

“What I like best about PIIB is what doesn’t change after you join. Your agency name, your agency management systems, your mailing address, the relationships you already have with markets and the ownership of your agency are all still the same!”
—Frank McKnight, member

“Our companies obviously value PIIB since I receive one or two calls each month from prospective members who have been referred to PIIB by our company reps and RVPs.”
—Larry Manning, President